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    Robocalling Rules: Before you Pick Up that Phone, Hold that Call—What You Need to Know about Robocalls, Robotexts, and Autodialers

    Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy program has just published the definitive guide to the laws and regulations governing autodialing, robocall, and robotext campaigns, called Robocalling Rules: Before you Pick Up that Phone, Hold that Call—What You Need to Know about Robocalls, Robotexts, and Autodialers.

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    Advocacy Capacity Tool!

    It’s critical for organizations to assess their advocacy capacity, identify specific strengths and opportunities, and efficiently focus resources to get the best advocacy results. Use our FREE Advocacy Capacity Tool to take your advocacy work from good to great!

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    Philanthropy Advocacy Playbook

    Is your foundation interested in confidently supporting advocacy? Alliance for Justice’s new Philanthropy Advocacy Playbook is for you! This publication provides information on 11 benefits and conversation-starters about philanthropic advocacy and lobbying. Specifically, it answers your questions about legal rules and provides concrete examples, templates, resources, and tips.

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    How AFJ Can Help

    Have a Question about advocacy? We have answers! If your nonprofit has questions about lobbying or other forms of advocacy, call us. Our attorneys are here 5 days a week.

Bolder Advocacy Blog

  • “Ban the Box,” A Case Study for Public and Private Foundation Advocacy

    Posted by Christine Reeves Strigaro on June 6, 2016

    Ban the Box is a movement to stop employers from asking job applicants to “check the box” if they have been arrested or convicted of a crime. This hiring practice thwarts formerly incarcerated people — mainly men of color — from transitioning back into society and supporting themselves and their families.

  • Robocall/Text Me (Maybe): Nonprofits and the Rules of Telecommunications

    Posted by admin on April 20, 2016

    Whether it’s a simple text to communicate with members or robocall/text plan to launch an issued-based campaign, this new guide from Bolder Advocacy provides basic information to make the right calls and utilize every tool to activate social change.

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    Unleashing the Influence of Southern California Communities

    Posted by Shyaam Subramanian on April 20, 2016

    As we embark on our second year in SoCal, we’re adapting our expertise to the needs of the local nonprofit community.

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    A Call for Unrestrictive Grant Agreement Language

    Posted by Christine Reeves Strigaro on April 13, 2016

    Does your grant agreement prohibit lobbying? If so, do you know why, and do you want to continue that practice?

  • 4 Ideas to Help Your Foundation Discuss Advocacy

    Posted by Christine Reeves Strigaro on March 24, 2016

    Foundations that fund and engage in advocacy know advocacy is often more of an art than a science. Given that, if you ask 10 foundation presidents for a definition of “advocacy,” you will likely receive 10 different answers.

Advocacy In Action

Katrina 10 Year Slideshow copy

10 Years After Katrina: 10 Questions for Funder Best Practices

Saturday, August 29, 2015, will mark the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on the Gulf Coast, and President Obama will be in New Orleans on Thursday to honor the anniversary and celebrate the region’s resilience and steady progress. After such a devastating storm, how was this region able to steadily make progress toward recovery?

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Praise for Bolder Advocacy

  • “AFJ gives groups the confidence to lobby and advocate because we know the rules. We affectionately refer to the AFJ hotline as the ‘lobbying bat phone.’ That service is invaluable.”

    - Nebraska Appleseed
  • “AFJ has helped us think proactively in how we approach our work in legislative and non-partisan electoral processes…The expertise that AFJ shares has helped us become more confident and more sophisticated.”

    - Border Network for Human Rights
  • “As a small non-profit, it’s good to know we’ve got a team of smart lawyers with AFJ in our corner!”

    - Katie Ashmore, Jews United for Justice
  • “I do not think I could have survived as an activist without the help that AFJ gave me.”

    - Jehmu Greene, former president, Rock the Vote & Women’s Media Center
  • The Alliance for Justice is an unparalleled resource for the nonprofit community.


    - Paul Sonn, Legal Co-Director, National Employment Law Project
  • It would cost a lot for us to hire lawyers to advise us on how to avoid the pitfalls and problems that Alliance for Justice helps us recognize.


    - Rob Moore, Environmental Advocates of New York
  • “Thanks to the guidance of the Alliance for Justice we have a robust nonprofit sector.”

    - Rep. Donna Edwards
  • “AFJ walked us through hosting a successful candidates’ forum. By e-mail and phone, they answered tricky legal questions and helped us think about how to be effective but not put ourselves at risk.”

    - Jenne Wood-Taylor, PACT Community Organizer
  • “AFJ’s work ensures that voices that are typically left out of critically important public debates get heard. That is a powerful mission.”

    - Marcia Egbert, George Gund Foundation
  • “AFJ’s training was outstanding — thoughtful, strategic and incredibly informative.”

    - Justice at Stake
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