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  • NPWF

    Member Spotlight: National Partnership Fighting for Fair Workplaces

    Posted by Andrew Phifer on February 26, 2015

    March is National Women’s Month, so we thought we would spotlight the National Partnership for Women & Families, a member organization fighting for women & families. Learn more about NPWF and their campaign to make America’s workplaces more fair and family friendly.

  • gwc76362915

    Meet Christine Reeves Strigaro, our new Associate Director of Foundation Programs

    Posted by Andrew Phifer on February 19, 2015

    Christine Reeves Strigaro is joining Alliance for Justice as the Associate Director of Foundation Programs. She creates content to explore the question: “How can foundations be advocates, with grantmaking and beyond?” Christine is dedicated to philanthropy that addresses root causes of problems, while serving and empowering communities most affected by those problems.

  • LITFP BA slideshow

    Organizer Spotlight: Patti Gorman’s Work on Forced Arbitration and “Lost in the Fine Print”

    Posted by Andrew Phifer on February 19, 2015

    How can we be forced to sign away rights that are guaranteed by law? Read about Patti Gorman’s work on forced arbitration and the shout out she gives Bolder Advocacy!

  • ti3600419

    Top 5 Blogs for January

    Posted by Andrew Phifer on February 18, 2015

    What is trending on Bolder Advocacy? Blogs on 501(c)(4) applications, transforming the nation’s consciousness on race, combatting anti-trans* violence, and more! Find out the posts attracting the most clicks last month.

  • Key Steps in a Grassroots Advocacy Cycle

    Posted by Andrew Phifer on February 17, 2015

    Blog courtesy of Grassroots Solutions from a previously popular post. Grassroots Solutions is a national grassroots consulting firm that focuses on getting people involved and keeping them engaged in the issues that matter most to them. Learn more about Grassroots Solutions at their website One of the central things that an organization or association



Advocacy In Action

2015 Jan Slideshow

Mapping January’s #AdvocacyWins

Every month, AFJ is mapping where in the country nonprofits are making strides for fairness, equality, economic opportunity, and other social justice values. In the map below we look back on wins from January 2015. Click on a state to filter by its Advocacy Wins, or click any title on the right to learn more! 

Advocacy in Action

Family Leave and Fair Pay: A Multilateral Approach

The week of June 16th through June 20th, The National Partnership for Women and Families organized the FAMILY Act Week of Action to call upon Congress and the president to pass the Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act. The Week of Action provided a variety of convenient ways for both organizations and individuals to get involved.

Advocacy in Action

Winning Paid Sick Days in Portland

In a victory for working parents and all workers, Family Forward led the coalition that helped make the Oregon city the 4th in the nation to adopt the policy.

Featured Resources

Advocacy in Action

Investing in Change: A Funder’s Guide to Supporting Advocacy

This book is an indispensable guide for foundations in explaining the various roles they can play in the advocacy process. Investing in Change can serve as an in-depth guide to navigating the tax code surrounding support of public charities, or a quick reference guide to answer a specific question.

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Policy Updates

Our commitment to supporting nonprofits and foundations does not stop at providing resources on the law. When an organization’s ability to do its work and speak out for its communities and constituents is threatened or can be expanded, Alliance for Justice gets involved.