Christine Reeves Strigaro

“Ban the Box,” A Case Study for Public and Private Foundation Advocacy

Ban the Box is a movement to stop employers from asking job applicants to “check the box” if they have been arrested or convicted of a crime. This hiring practice thwarts formerly incarcerated people — mainly men of color — from transitioning back into society and supporting themselves and their families.

Susan Rhea

District of Columbia Voter Registration

Guide on District of Columbia voter registration law, including deadlines, photo ID requirements, and voter registration drives.


Robocall/Text Me (Maybe): Nonprofits and the Rules of Telecommunications

Whether it’s a simple text to communicate with members or robocall/text plan to launch an issued-based campaign, this new guide from Bolder Advocacy provides basic information to make the right calls and utilize every tool to activate social change.

Susan Rhea

Can a Nonprofit Provide Incentives to Encourage Citizens to Register to Vote or Vote?

Nonprofit organizations are permitted to conduct voter registration drives or get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts. 501(c)(3) organizations can conduct nonpartisan voter registration and GOTV activities that encourage voting by all those eligible, while 501(c)(4)s, labor unions, and trade associations can sponsor voter registration and GOTV drives that can advocate the election or defeat of particular candidates.

This factsheet answers a frequently asked question about voter registration and GOTV drives, whether conducted by a c3, c4, or any other entity.

Susan Rhea

Comentando Sobre las Declaraciones de los Candidatos acerca de los Inmigrantes

Cómo las 501(c)(3) Pueden Responder Durante un Año Electoral Los candidatos a cargos públicos a veces hacen declaraciones acerca de los inmigrantes o los derechos de los inmigrantes que son incorrectas o con las que no están de acuerdo las organizaciones sin fines de lucro 501(c)(3). Las organizaciones 501(c)(3) pueden considerar que una corrección es

Christine Reeves Strigaro

4 Ideas to Help Your Foundation Discuss Advocacy

Foundations that fund and engage in advocacy know advocacy is often more of an art than a science. Given that, if you ask 10 foundation presidents for a definition of “advocacy,” you will likely receive 10 different answers.