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Trending Topics: July

What is trending on Bolder Advocacy? Our new Foundation Program Speaker Series, Advocacy Talking Points, 990 Disclosure Rules, and more! Click to learn more.

Andrew Phifer

Why Advocacy? Talking Points for Nonprofits and Foundations

Advocacy is an important tool to help an organization advance its mission. You know that and we know that, but perhaps you need some help convincing colleagues or board members that engaging in advocacy is essential for your organization. Well, you’re in luck! Click for a fact sheet and video on the benefit of engaging in advocacy…

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Philanthropy Must Reads: June

Alliance for Justice’s Foundation Program has been reading and chronicling some fantastic articles, books and blogs this month. In response to this great content, we will start championing great reads per month for the philanthropic community. Check out the must reads for June!

Andrew Phifer

Mapping June’s Advocacy Wins

Last month, Vermont passed same-day voter registration, Oregon passed paid sick leave, Los Angeles passed a wage increase for in-home caregivers, and more! Click on the map to see the victories for June 2015! You can filter for previous months and click on any title in the right side bar to learn more.

Andrew Phifer

How Funders Can Continue to Reform the Health Care System

The new Grantmakers In Health (GIH) report, Health Reform Five Years Later: Philanthropy Steps Up to the Challenge, describes the spectrum of ways in which foundations have engaged in health reform-related efforts since the law’s passage. The report illustrates philanthropy’s funding priorities and strategies over the last five years, describes the issues health funders identify as the most critical to address over the next two years, and makes recommendations for grantmakers to consider as they plan their next generation of work.

Christine Strigaro

AFJ’s Foundation Program Speaker Series Launches with an Advocacy Lens on Mission Investing

Last Thursday, Alliance for Justice kicked off its Foundation Program Speaker Series, which puts AFJ’s signature advocacy lens on important and emerging topics in philanthropy. To launch the series, we asked: “How Are Some Foundations Guiding Their Mission through Grants & Investments?”

Keely Monroe

The 4-1-1 on 990 Disclosure

“Give Me Your 990!” Do these words make you break out in a cold sweat? Don’t worry! Our 2015 edition of Give Me Your 990! Public Disclosure Requirements for Tax-Exempt Organizations walks you through all the requirements of when and how you’ll need to disclose your Form 990 to the public.

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Andrew Phifer

Trending Topics: June

How nonprofits can respond to candidate statements, best practices to prepare for opposition attacks, a toolkit for establishing your organization, and more! Find out what is trending on Bolder Advocacy this month…

Andrew Phifer

Ban the Box Coalition Works to Give Ex-Offenders a Fair Chance

Criminal justice reform advocates have been gaining momentum over the past decade implementing Ban the Box and Fair Chance policies, which now exist in 17 states, Washington D.C, and 100 cities and counties. This legislation takes several forms, but most simply it eliminates the box on job applications asking whether a potential employee has a criminal record.