“Community organizing focuses
on bringing power to a community
and empowers communities to create change.”
-Brian Kettenring,
Leadership Center for the Common Good

At its core, community organizing is the process of bringing together and mobilizing a community to fulfill an agenda based on common interests. This process is unique in that it rallies and empowers ordinary citizens– whose voices aren’t often heard — to act together to create the change they seek, or to block changes they view as detrimental.

There are many organizing styles, approaches, and philosophies involved in community organizing. This makes it difficult to create a universal mechanism to use in evaluating the organizing process and often leads to questioning, misunderstanding, or devaluing community organizing. We seek to change that by providing a list of “Core Components” for evaluating community organizing. And through RECO we make a range of useful evaluation resources available. RECO is periodically updated with any new resources that we believe would be useful to community organizers, evaluators, and funders.

We invite you to share stories of how you have used specific resources and whether you found them useful. We also ask you to suggest additional resources that might be added to RECO in the future. To submit a resource, please contact us.

Note on RECO Methodology

Alliance for Justice solicited recommendations from individuals working in community organizing groups, foundations, and evaluation settings and conducted a literature search to create RECO. When we had access to an applicable resource, information for our summary was gleaned directly from the source, along with our own observations about its relevance. Sometimes information shared by others regarding a resource was included or formed the basis for our description of the resource. Some of the summaries go into more detail than others as the format of the resources varied as well as how well the resource lent itself to a synopsis. Mentioning a resource is not meant to be a recommendation or endorsement but rather serves to alert the user to its availability and relevance.