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Core Components of Community Organizing Evaluation

Heather Burke | November 8, 2018
Through our research, seven key components of organizing emerged across different styles and approaches. More information about each component and its relationship to the evaluation of organizing is provided. Although there is overlap among the key components, it is useful to focus on each of these points. Development of Power… Read More

Community Organizing

Heather Burke | November 8, 2018
“Community organizing focuses on bringing power to a community and empowers communities to create change.” -Brian Kettering, Center for Popular Democracy Community organizing involves a lot of moving parts. To be successful, it’s important to prepare for success and to monitor and learn from evaluations (informal and… Read More

PowerCheck Quick
PDF Request Form

Heather Burke | November 8, 2018
Power Check Quick is a short version of the Alliance for Justice’s PowerCheck tool and is designed to provide a quick diagnosis of the strengths and gaps in groups’ community organizing skills, knowledge, and practices, and identify areas for strengthening. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or 202-822-6070. Please… Read More

PowerCheck Quick Download

Heather Burke | November 8, 2018
Thank you for requesting the PDF version of Bolder Advocacy’s PowerCheck Quick tool! Click here to download your copy. We are still beta testing this tool, so please provide suggestions or comments after using it by emailing us at [email protected] We hope you will take this opportunity to use the… Read More

Commenting on Elected Officials

ldinapoli | November 7, 2018
Now that the election is over, what can your nonprofit organization say -- and not say -- about the results?...

Lobbying in Laredo, Texas

Heather Burke | November 6, 2018
Are you required to register as a lobbyist and report your lobbying activities? The City of Laredo Code of Ordinances...

Mays and May Nots for Coalitions

Heather Burke | October 17, 2018
By pooling resources, engaging in joint policy discussions and strategizing, coalitions can stretch dollars, draw on col...

Ex-Felons Voting Rights Restored in Florida

Jacquelyn Carter | November 7, 2018
Restoring voter rights for ex-felons is a major victory in the battle to provide returning citizens with the rights and ...

Commenting on Elected Officials

Bolder Advocacy |
Now that the election is over, what can your nonprofit organization say -- and not say -- about the results?...

AFJ Mourns Passing of Champion of Social Justice Mike Trister

Abby Levine | October 23, 2018
AFJ is extremely saddened to report that our long-time counsel and beloved champion of social justice Mike Trister died ...

Get Out the Vote (Without Getting off Your Phone)

Bolder Advocacy | October 16, 2018
Election Day is almost here – and for 501(c)(3) public charities, that means opportunity....

Nonprofit Advocacy in the Wake of a Natural Disaster

Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort | October 15, 2018
In response to the emergency, citizens and government officials are rising to the challenge and coming together to answe...