Opening Doors to Boost Advocacy and Expand a Foundation’s Impact: Texa
New York Women’s Equality Act
The WEA was a 10-point bill designed to address barriers to women’s equality and to promote equity.
California Sanctuary State Law
ICE Out of California is a statewide alliance that was created when state-based organizations decided to fight back against abuses by federal immigration authorities.
Redistricting in Ohio
In May 2018, Ohio voters approved a constitutional amendment to change the way congressional districts are drawn in the state. Ohio voters had faced previous ballot measures to create a redistricting commission but without success. The 2018 victory would not h
Raising the Minimum Wage in SeaTac
A 2013 ballot measure campaign to raise the minimum wage in SeaTac, Washington, illustrates how 501(c)(3) public charities, 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, and 501(c)(5) labor unions can work together to successfully meet their advocacy goals.
Mainers for Health Care Push for Medicaid Expansion
Mainers for Health Care was formed to support a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid coverage in Maine. The initiative was proposed after the state’s governor vetoed Medicaid expansion legislation five times. As the governor’s vetoes continuously thwarted legi
Florida Nonprofits Find Creative Ways to Partner to Meet Local Needs
When nonprofits in Florida came together to increase the civic engagement of the state’s many diverse communities, they quickly realized that an innovative structure would be needed to prioritize local issues and elevate local leadership.
Minnesota Nonprofits Leverage Respective Strengths to Deliver Greater
When an array of Minnesota organizations in the 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(3) nonprofit community began working on good- government issues, they were excited to find many willing allies and partners in the same space.
#AlabamaCounts: Nonprofits Collaborate for Complete Census Count
Ensuring a complete census count in 2020 is critical for Alabama. Due to stagnant population growth, an undercount could result in the loss of two congressional seats in the House of Representatives, in addition to millions of critical federal funding dollars
#HomesNotHandcuffs: Grassroots Leadership’s Advocacy to End Criminaliz
Texas-based group Grassroots Leadership is dedicated to working alongside those who have been affected by unfair immigration policies, mass incarceration, and unjust public laws.
Legal Advocacy in Action: Texas Civil Rights Project
At Texas Civil Rights Project, we are committed to the elimination of obstacles that prevent millions of eligible voters from participating in the democratic process. We are Texas lawyers for Texas communities, guided by our vision of a Texas in which all comm
Celebrating a Win for Advocacy in New York State
. On the anniversary of Roe v Wade, I traveled from Washington, D.C. to Albany, New York to witness the passage of the Reproductive Health Act (RHA). I have worked on many pieces of reproductive-health related legislation, but I see RHA as my most significant
Nonprofit Coalition Helps Extend Health Insurance Coverage to 90,000 N
Nebraska Appleseed’s efforts to help pass Nebraska’s Initiative 427—which will insure an estimated 90,000 Nebraskans and sustain 10,000 jobs—is a shining example of how 501(c)(3) nonprofits can work within the parameters of their tax-exempt status to improve p
Texas Funders Step Up to Defend Public Education
In Texas, as in much of the nation, the education system depends on partnerships between schools and private organizations to deliver many essential services. Through their grantmaking, private Texas foundations play a huge role in supporting kids in the publi
Advocacy Works: Grassroots Advocacy
Helps Protect Access to Heal
At Alliance for Justice, when we provide training and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations on the legal rules of advocacy, we often get asked: How effective is advocacy in influencing public policy? Advocacy works, and the recent efforts to protect
Our Stories: Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project
At the Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project (MICOP), we support, organize and empower the indigenous Mexican community in Ventura County, California.
Member Spotlight: National Council of Jewish Women
The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and f
Member Spotlight: Center for Reproductive Rights
Our Stories: The Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona
At the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona we collaborate to achieve social, political and economic change that empowers women.
Member spotlight: Earthjustice
Earthjustice is the premier nonprofit environmental law organization. We wield the power of law and the strength of partnership to preserve the wild, to fight for healthy communities and to advance clean energy to promote a healthy climate.
Our Stories: Health for All Fresnans
The Health for All Fresnans campaign is a welcome reminder of the impact that nonprofits can have when they organize and advocate. That campaign showed us that mobilizing communities and residents to advocate for fair public policies is necessary to achieve sy
A Big Step Forward for Home Care Workers
On September 17, 2013, homecare workers won important protections in what Salon calls “one of the most significant pro-labor moves to date by the Obama administration.”


“Regardless of whether your job title includes the word “policy” or “advocacy,” you and your organization can benefit a great deal from this course. Less than a day to learn how to better understand what you can and can’t do on an important issue and what it means for tax purposes? I’ll certainly advocate for that.” Read more.
Michael Kelley, Policy Coordinator, BikeWalkKC

“I do not think I could have survived as an activist without the help that AFJ gave me.”
Jehmu Greene, former president, Rock the Vote & Women’s Media Center

“As a small non-profit, it’s good to know we’ve got a team of smart lawyers with AFJ in our corner!”
Katie Ashmore, Jews United for Justice

“The Alliance for Justice is an unparalleled resource for the nonprofit community.”
Paul Sonn, Legal Co-Director, National Employment Law Project

“It would cost a lot for us to hire lawyers to advise us on how to avoid the pitfalls and problems that Alliance for Justice helps us recognize.”
Rob Moore, Environmental Advocates of New York

“Thanks to the guidance of the Alliance for Justice we have a robust nonprofit sector.”
Rep. Donna Edwards

“AFJ walked us through hosting a successful candidates’ forum. By e-mail and phone, they answered tricky legal questions and helped us think about how to be effective but not put ourselves at risk.”
Jenne Wood-Taylor, PACT Community Organizer

“AFJ’s work ensures that voices that are typically left out of critically important public debates get heard. That is a powerful mission.”
Justice at Stake

“AFJ’s training was outstanding — thoughtful, strategic and incredibly informative.”
Marcia Egbert, George Gund Foundation

“AFJ’s Bolder Advocacy website contains tremendously helpful tools and resources for foundations, public charities and other nonprofits.”
Aaron Dorfman, NCRP

“Thank you for all of your help regarding our proposed activities in this election season.”
Board chair, Kansas voter education nonprofit

“Hands down: PHENOMENAL resource on the role of nonprofits & philanthropy influencing public policy!”
KDK-Harman Foundation

“I’ve known about AFJ for many, many years and have long admired your work.  Recently, AFJ helped us clarify some important lobbying rules with regard to international work.  Doing advocacy on global environmental issues is a core part of our mission, and AFJ’s clarification helped.  Thank you!”
Melissa Hippler, Director of Development
Center for International Environmental Law

“Alliance for Justice has already been an incredibly valuable resource for our campaign. AFJ conducted a training for our entire coalition, have met with groups individually to help them navigate their unique issues, provided us with great written materials and templates, and generally been the best thing ever. If we had to pay the campaign attorneys for the help AFJ has given us, it would have cost tens of thousands of dollars. They also made us feel empowered–that we can do this and that they will be there as partners to help.”
Natasha Minsker, Campaign Manager
SAFE CA Campaign

The Alliance for Justice is a terrific organization!  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and effective in helping non-profits with a wide range of advocacy issues.  The National Center for Youth Law needed training on the rules for lobbying.  A highly trained AFJ staff member came to our office and gave an informative and professional presentation that answered all our questions and has enabled us to do our job more effectively.   We are confident now that we are in complete compliance with all the rules.”
Hayden Lilien, Director of Finance and Administration
National Center for Youth Law

The AFJ training on lobbying and the 501h designation for nonprofits was extremely informative. Our Board of Directors now have a fuller understanding of the this designation and what it means for our organization. After the training, the Board was moved to vote on taking the 501h election for the organization.”
Connor Fu, Director of Finance and Administration
RYSE Center in Richmond, CA