Alexa Pinto

Bolder Advocacy can help your 501(c)(3) get involved this election year

It would be hard to imagine a more volatile and politically charged atmosphere than the one we are entering during this midterm election season. Virtually all organizations, regardless of size, mission, or policy orientation will be affected by the decisions made by the American people on November 6. Many groups will be actively and directly involved in putting their issues in front of voters and candidates in the months leading up to the votes in both primary and general elections. They know that they can ill-afford to be absent from the political process, particularly in 2018.

But there are also many 501(c)(3) organizations that are uncertain about their right to get involved and unclear about the rules that govern their participation. In our experience, we have found that sometimes caution can get in the way of active citizenship. But experience has also taught us that with encouragement, education, and rock-solid information, every nonprofit group can take its rightful place in the national conversation that will occur this year.

That’s where Bolder Advocacy comes in. As this one-page summary describes, we have a comprehensive suite of services available to (c)(3)s designed to help them to navigate the intricacies of political involvement, but also to create a level of comfort that some groups lack. For politically experienced organizations, we help ensure compliance with federal and state rules and reinforce core principles and practices. For those groups that face uncertainty or are inexperienced, our nationally known experts, publications, and website help overcome myths, misperceptions, and fears and ensure that the nonprofit and philanthropic communities are active and effective participants in our democratic process – as is their right.

This is the time for (c)(3)s to be bold, and funders can play an important role in encouraging the involvement of their grantees in our vibrant democracy. We’d be happy to discuss with you our special election-year initiatives and services. Feel free to get in touch with Bolder Advocacy’s director, Abby Levine, via email at [email protected], or give her a call at (202) 822-6070 if you have questions or would like a briefing on the appropriate and lawful roles that organizations and philanthropies can play during this high-stakes election year.