An Intro to PACs ROTG

An Introduction to PACs

Leslie BarnesSusan Finkle-SourlisTim Mooney | May 30, 2023
With elections always around the corner, many listeners may wonder whether their advocacy organization needs a PAC. In t...
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Resignation Advocacy

Natalie Roetzel OssenfortTim Mooney | May 16, 2023
How to advocate for resignation when a problematic public official, such as Clarence Thomas, needs to step down now. ...
nonprofit detective

Nonprofit Detective

Victor Rivera LabiosaLeslie BarnesQuyen Tu | May 2, 2023
On this episode, we’ll look at ways nonprofit employees can become super sleuths – detectives for their organization....
politically motivated attacks

Planning for Politically Motivated Attacks

Tim MooneyNatalie Roetzel Ossenfort | April 19, 2023
Exploring darker side of advocacy and the increasingly sinister tactics used by opponents, including manipulation, editi...
post election adv

Funding 501(c)(4)s

Leslie BarnesNatalie Roetzel OssenfortTim Mooney | March 20, 2023
On this episode, we cover the ways to fund a 501(c)(4) and why it’s something all funders should consider to achieve the...