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Advocacy Wins

Nona RandoisVictor Rivera LabiosaTim Mooney | September 9, 2022
On this episode, we highlight some of the victories nonprofit advocates have achieved at the state and federal level....

Foundation Engagement in Election Season

Quyen TuNatalie Roetzel OssenfortTim Mooney | August 10, 2022
On this episode, we’re covering the types of voter engagement and funding opportunities available to private and public ...
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Candidate Education

Natalie Roetzel OssenfortLeslie BarnesVictor Rivera Labiosa | July 27, 2022
On this episode we’re going to look at ways a variety of tax-exempt entities can engage in outreach to candidates and en...
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Post Roe Advocacy

Natalie Roetzel OssenfortLeslie BarnesTim Mooney | June 27, 2022
Our team at AFJ Our team at AFJ is devastated but determined following the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v Wade...