Foundations have an important role to play in advocacy. Both private and public foundations may participate in the advocacy arena – through funding of nonprofits or their own advocacy efforts.

Private foundations may support public charities that lobby, but they must follow specific rules. Private foundations are subject to a tax on any lobbying expenditures they make, but can fund public charities through general support or specific project grants.  Private foundations are more limited in funding 501(c)(4)s, labor unions, and other non-public charities.

Public foundations, such as community foundations, may lobby themselves and may even earmark funds for lobbying activities; however earmarked grants will count against the public foundation’s lobbying limit.

As public charities, public foundations can participate in and support a broad array of advocacy activities, including a limited amount of lobbying. Public foundations, like all public charities, are limited in how much lobbying they can fund and participate in.

NOTE: These activities may be covered and disclosure required under federal or state lobby disclosure provisions

Essential Resources

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