Hands in a circle 3 slideshowAlliance for Justice helps nonprofits and foundations navigate the rules and regulations, and better understand what’s possible through advocacy. Our goal is to help you embrace advocacy and begin to use it as a tool to further support the communities you serve.

Through Bolder Advocacy, we offer:

  • Easy-to-understand resources that explain different aspects of advocacy and the rules that nonprofits must follow when conducting advocacy.
  • Workshops and trainings to help your organization get clear and confident about advocacy.
  • Tools to help your organization measure its capacity to advocate and to help measure the impact of your advocacy campaigns.
  • One-on-one technical assistance 5 days a week from our team of advocacy coaches to answer your questions.
  • Success stories from those who have used advocacy to advance their policy goals.

Alliance for Justice also works to ensure that the legal and political environment in which nonprofits and foundations operate is fair, balanced and open to hearing them. By tracking and responding to legislation that impacts nonprofit advocacy, fighting for the rights of nonprofits and foundations to conduct advocacy, and responding to potential threats to nonprofit advocacy, we help to lay the groundwork for nonprofits and foundations to advocate effectively on behalf of their communities.

Learn about the rules that apply to your organization and find the resources you need to get started!