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What Can a 501(c)(3) Say During a National Political Convention?

Ronnie Pawelko | August 17, 2020
With the start of the Democratic National Convention on August 17 followed by the Republican National Convention on August 24, 501(c)(3)s may be wondering how they can respond to issues that arise. Coverage generated by a national political convention offers a great opportunity, as well as risks, for c3s wishing… Read More

Opportunities for Nonpartisan Digital Advocacy in an Election Year

Shyaam Subramanian | July 29, 2020
In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and a movement for Black lives, nonprofits and their community partners continue to look for ways to stand up and speak out about racial, social, and economic inequities. Social distancing guidelines and shelter-in-place orders mean that social media and other digital channels are… Read More