Meet Our Coaches & Staff

Rakim Brooks

Rakim H. D. Brooks is the president of Alliance for Justice and a public interest appellate lawyer. He is committed to a judiciary that reflects America’s diversity and the Constitution’s promise of a more perfect union. 

Abby Levine

Director, Bolder Advocacy
Abby Levine serves as Director of the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice.  She provides legal guidance that encourages grantmakers to support advocacy and other nonprofit organizations to participate in policymaking decisions through an understanding of federal tax and election law. 

Nona Randois

California Director
Nona manages AFJ’s Bolder Advocacy work in California as well as its Northern and Southern California offices. Nona has over two decades of experience as an attorney specializing in representing nonprofit organizations.

Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort

Texas Director
Natalie Ossenfort serves as the Director of AFJ’s Texas office. Prior to her work with the organization, she helped to create and run the Innocence Project of Texas, a nonprofit dedicated to freeing those wrongfully convicted of crimes in the state.

Ryann Alonso

Program Coordinator
Ryann Alonso is the Program Coordinator for the Bolder Advocacy program at Alliance for Justice’s DC office. They coordinate workshops and trainings, and provide administrative and programmatic support to Bolder Advocacy.

Leslie Barnes

Senior Counsel
Leslie Barnes serves as Senior Counsel for the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice. In her role, she provides legal guidance to grant makers and nonprofits on engaging with elected officials, the public, voters, and candidates in a way that furthers their mission.

Jairo Gomez

CA Program Coordinator
Jairo Gomez is the CA Program Coordinator for the Bolder Advocacy program. He coordinates workshops and trainings, and provides administrative and programmatic support.

Sara Matlin

Senior Bilingual Counsel
Sara Matlin is Senior Bilingual Counsel with the Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy Program in Northern California. Sara empowers Spanish- and English-speaking nonprofit organizations to become more courageous leaders in policy change movements.

Tim Mooney

Senior Counsel
Tim Mooney is senior counsel with the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice. He provides one-on-one technical assistance for nonprofit advocates, teaches nonprofit and election law workshops and writes on these issues for Bolder Advocacy publications.

Jen Powis

Senior Counsel
In 2020, Jen Powis opened the Houston office as Senior Counsel for the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice. For more than a decade, Jen has been a public interest attorney focusing on ensuring non-profits act as strong advocates.

Quyen Tu

Southern California Counsel
Quyen is the Southern California Counsel for the Bolder Advocacy program at Alliance for Justice and is based in AFJ’s Southern California office. Through trainings and technical assistance, she supports nonprofit organizations in pursuing legal and effective advocacy to create systems change.

Nadia Watson

Marketing Communications Manager
Nadia Watson is the Marketing Communications Manager for the Bolder Advocacy program at Alliance for Justice.

Shannon Williams

Evaluation Manager
Shannon Williams is the Evaluation Manager at Alliance for Justice. As part of the Bolder Advocacy team, she leads AFJ’s efforts in educating and providing capacity assessment and other tools for nonprofits, funders, and evaluators to help them measure and strengthen organizational advocacy and community organizing.