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Commenting on Elected Officials

Bolder Advocacy | November 7, 2018
Now that the election is over, what can your nonprofit organization say -- and not say -- about the results?...

Lobbying in Laredo, Texas

| November 6, 2018
Are you required to register as a lobbyist and report your lobbying activities? The City of Laredo Code of Ordinances...

Mays and May Nots for Coalitions

| October 17, 2018
By pooling resources, engaging in joint policy discussions and strategizing, coalitions can stretch dollars, draw on col...

Mays and May Nots for Funders

| October 17, 2018
By pooling resources, engaging in joint policy discussions, and strategizing, funder groups can stretch dollars and maxi...

How to Create a (c)(3) Advocacy Plan

| October 1, 2018
A good starting step for advocacy organizations working to create change is to create an advocacy plan that lays out the...

8 Tips for Nonprofits with Employees Running for Public Office

Ronnie Pawelko | September 28, 2018
More and more, Bolder Advocacy is responding to questions from 501(c)(3) public charities that have employees running for office. Knowing that 501(c)(3)s cannot support or oppose any candidates for public office (even nonpartisan races like school board), organizations are looking for guidelines on how to stay compliant when an employee… Read More