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¿Cómo pueden las fundaciones apoyar cambios en la política pública?

| June 15, 2021
El otorgamiento de subvenciones para actividades de abogacía es una excelente manera en que las fundaciones pueden aprovechar sus dólares y avanzar en sus misiones. Tanto las fundaciones privadas como las públicas pueden apoyar a los beneficiarios que cabildean por políticas públicas sólidas, que protejan los intereses de las comunidades… Read More

Diagrama de Flujo de Cabildeo del IRS

| June 15, 2021
Este gráfico puede ayudarle a determinar si sus comunicaciones se consideran cabildeo bajo bajo las reglas de la ley tributaria federal para organizaciones 501(c)(3). No cubre situaciones o comunicaciones que se llevan a cabo en el contexto de la elección de candidatos. Read More

Questions for Nonprofit Management and Board Members

| March 22, 2021
H.R. 1, the For the People Act, has passed in the House of Representatives and will now head to the Senate where it is expected to be introduced as S. 1. As H.R. 1/S. 1 makes its way through the legislative process, changes to the bill will almost certainly be… Read More

H.R. 1 Campaign-Related Disbursement Flowcharts

| March 22, 2021
Three flowcharts that help you understand how H.R. 1 may affect your organization through campaign-related disbursement (CRD). Does my organization’s advocacy on federal issues mean it needs to make a campaign-related disbursement disclosure or other disclosure of its donors? My organization made a campaign-related disbursement — do we… Read More

H.R. 1: Advocacy Impacts and Questions to Resolve

| March 22, 2021
H.R. 1, the For the People Act, is an enormous, complex piece of legislation, divided into three main sections that broadly address voting, campaign finance and issue advocacy, and ethics in government. With its passage in the House of Representatives, it will now head to the Senate where it is… Read More

Live Now: 2 New Redistricting Resources

Abby Levine | February 25, 2021
This year, every state must draw new legislative districts to reflect population changes. Even though the Census Bureau is still processing data, this once every decade redistricting process is already underway in many states. This why Bolder Advocacy is glad to share two new redistricting resources free to download right now: Mapping the Future: the Redistricting Process for Private Foundations… Read More