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What Can a Nonprofit Say About a Potential 2024 Trump Candidacy?

Abby LevineRonnie Pawelko | December 9, 2020
With the 2020 election over, but for the procedural formalities, President Trump has been publicly grappling with his next steps. One option that has garnered a lot of speculation is Trump potentially running for president in 2024, with rumors swirling around the possibility that he will make this announcement on… Read More

Advancing Policy to New Elected Officials: Introduction to Lobbying

Leslie BarnesJen PowisShyaam Subramanian | December 2, 2020   Now that elections are “mostly” behind us, we wanted to turn our attention to lobbying for policy changes no matter where you are or what project you work on. Our attorneys for this episode: Leslie Barnes  Jen Powis Shyaam… Read More

Nonprofits and the Georgia Runoff Elections

Tim Mooney | November 11, 2020
For most Americans, the 2020 election is over and it’s time to move on to closing out a chaotic and challenging campaign season. However, voters in Georgia face two additional elections before they can turn the page, including early December runoffs for several state and local offices, and a January… Read More

Commenting on 2020 Election Results

Shyaam Subramanian | November 3, 2020
Nonprofits can engage in numerous activities related to voting. However, they must ensure their activities are nonpartisan—meaning they cannot support or oppose candidates. As organizations start to learn election results, they may want to speak out on a range of issues, from election integrity, to letting their supporters know what… Read More

Contested Election Resources for Nonprofits

| October 30, 2020
This election season has been the most unusual — and uncertain — in recent memory: record numbers of people voted early, those voting on Election Day will have to contend with pandemic-related precautions, and, according to … Read More