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Sample Timesheets

| August 9, 2018
Public charities should spend at least a minimal amount of time each day, week, month or quarter to track finances and project time. This pays off in the long run, particularly for smaller charities that engage in advocacy and operate on limited budgets. Good recordkeeping helps an organization report how… Read More

LGBTQ Advocacy Toolkit

| August 3, 2018
This publication, designed for LGBTQ groups, is an overview of the laws and regulations that apply to 501(c)(3) public c...

¿Cómo puede su organización 501(c)(3) movilizar a los votantes este añ

| August 1, 2018
Escrito por: Oscar Peralta Las elecciones este noviembre se aproximan, y varias organizaciones sin fines de lucro se están preguntando como pueden movilizar a sus comunidades a votar. Hay dos maneras populares que las organizaciones 501(c)(3)s de beneficencia pública[1] pueden usar para empoderar a sus comunidades a participar… Read More

Source Materials

| July 25, 2018
Throughout this website, we provide hundreds of resources to help you better understand the laws and statutes your organization must adhere to. For those of you interested in the original laws, statutes, court decisions, agency rulings, and other original sources themselves, we’ve compiled a list of those most relevant to… Read More