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Nonprofits Working Together

| July 13, 2018
Nonprofits can, and often should, work in coalitions with other organizations. Working in a coalition allows you to have a greater impact and lends credibility to your efforts. It also allows organizations to share financial, staffing and organizing resources. It’s important to know, however, that there are different advocacy rules that… Read More

Justice Kennedy is retiring, now what?

Nikhil Pillai | June 28, 2018
Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced that he will retire from the Supreme Court effective July 31, 2018. This will prov...

Lobbying Under the Insubstantial Part Test

| June 18, 2018
Many direct service providers and other nonprofit organizations that are new to advocacy often wonder if they can sign on to letters in support of, or opposition to, legislation or if they can take a position on a ballot measure. This fact sheet is designed to help those organizations that… Read More

Lobbying Flowchart

| June 18, 2018
This graphic can help you determine if your communication is considered lobbying under federal tax law rules for electin...