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Responding During Election Season and Debates: What To Do When The Ca

Jen Powis | September 29, 2020
Public charities can always educate the public — including candidates and elected officials — about their mission, the problem the nonprofit hopes to solve, and policy or budgeting items related to those two. But sometimes, during debates or otherwise throughout election campaigns, candidates get the facts wrong or, worse, don’t… Read More

Some Do’s and Don’ts for c3s Weighing in on the Supreme Court Vacancy

Ronnie Pawelko | September 23, 2020
Weighing in on Supreme Court Nominees 501(c)(3) public charities are legally allowed to influence the Senate confirmation of a Supreme Court justice. The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has recognized that influencing the confirmation of federal judges is exactly like influencing any other legislative vote through lobbying. “Because the Senate’s action… Read More

What Can a 501(c)(3) Say During a National Political Convention?

Ronnie Pawelko | August 17, 2020
With the start of the Democratic National Convention on August 17 followed by the Republican National Convention on August 24, 501(c)(3)s may be wondering how they can respond to issues that arise. Coverage generated by a national political convention offers a great opportunity, as well as risks, for c3s wishing… Read More

¿Cómo puede su organización 501(c)(3) movilizar a los votantes este añ

| July 31, 2020
Escrito por: Oscar Peralta Las elecciones este noviembre se aproximan, y varias organizaciones sin fines de lucro se están preguntando como pueden movilizar a sus comunidades a votar. Hay dos maneras populares que las organizaciones 501(c)(3)s de beneficencia pública[1] pueden usar para empoderar a sus comunidades a participar… Read More