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The Connection

| January 21, 2022
Learn about best practices for affiliated organizations and the role 501(c)(4) organizations play in our democracy....

We Resolve…

Natalie Roetzel OssenfortLeslie BarnesTim Mooney | January 4, 2022
Is your nonprofit ready for 2022? Whether your organization is gearing up for the midterm elections, legislative advocacy, or administrative activism, there are several steps you can take to prepare your team NOW. These are our Top 10 nonprofit New Year’s Resolutions for the exciting year to come. Schedule… Read More

Maximizing Your Advocacy

| December 15, 2021
This guide helps nonprofit leaders maximize their advocacy by granting unused lobbying capacity from a (c)(3) to a (c)(4...

Nonprofits’ Role in January 6th Investigations and Response

Tim Mooney | November 17, 2021
The endgame of presidential elections used to be pretty straightforward. Congress plays a more-ceremonial-than-substantive role counting each state’s certified electoral college delegates. The candidate who won more than 270 electoral votes officially wins and the new President gets sworn in on January 20th. But was, of course, very different. The… Read More

Advocacy by 501(c)(4)s – Part 1

Tim MooneyRonnie PawelkoLeslie Barnes | October 20, 2021   On this episode, we walk through the ins and outs on why you’d want to form a 501(c)(4) to… Read More

Building Effective Coalitions

Tim MooneyJen PowisRonnie Pawelko | July 14, 2021   On this episode, we chat about working in coalitions — one of the most effective ways for advocacy organizations to share and maximize resources to make real policy change. We go over five things to consider as you… Read More

Does Your Nonprofit Have a Donation Page? Here’s What You Need to Know

Tim Mooney | July 9, 2021
Almost every nonprofit’s website has a donation page, but have you ever noticed the content varies a lot? Some mention federal and state laws, some don’t. Some talk about tax-deductibility, others leave it a mystery. It turns out, while there is a lot of flexibility in how you word your… Read More

¿Cómo pueden las fundaciones apoyar cambios en la política pública?

| June 15, 2021
El otorgamiento de subvenciones para actividades de abogacía es una excelente manera en que las fundaciones pueden aprovechar sus dólares y avanzar en sus misiones. Tanto las fundaciones privadas como las públicas pueden apoyar a los beneficiarios que cabildean por políticas públicas sólidas, que protejan los intereses de las comunidades… Read More

Making H.R. 1 Real

| March 22, 2021
The following describes two fictional 501(c)(4) advocacy organizations and the compliance implications of H.R. 1. Neither of these are real organizations, and all situations, while hypothetical, represent the types of advocacy campaigns that 501(c)(4)s engage in to support the needs of their communities and constituencies. These scenarios would also apply… Read More