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Voter Registration

Leslie BarnesNatalie Roetzel OssenfortTim Mooney | April 20, 2022   On this episode, we’ll start taking a closer look at one activity that your organization may be interested in engaging in during this midterm election season: voter registration! Since voter… Read More

Grantees FAQ: 2022 Edition

| March 16, 2022
Our recently revised Grantee FAQ guide aims to provide clarity for the nonprofits we serve and their grantees. The purpo...

Ask Us Anything

Leslie BarnesNatalie Roetzel OssenfortTim Mooney | February 23, 2022   In this episode, we once again turn to your questions on nonprofit advocacy with another edition of Ask Us Anything. We’ll cover topics like litigation, lobbying grants, state PACs connected to (c)(3)s… Read More

Who is a Candidate?

Leslie BarnesJen PowisQuyen TuTim Mooney | February 9, 2022   In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into election season advocacy rules. While you already know from… Read More

Give Me Your 990!

| January 21, 2022
“Give me your 990!” What do you have to do when you hear these words? Unfortunately, not every nonprofit knows how to re...

Secrets of Form 990

Jen PowisLeslie BarnesQuyen Tu | January 12, 2022   In this episode of the pod, we’re going to walk you through the types of information… Read More

¡Una nueva colección de recursos para activistas hispanohablantes!

Sara Matlin | September 30, 2021
Acabamos de actualizar algunos de nuestras hojas informativas más populares en español, y ahora son aún más accesibles y fáciles de leer. Nos alegra ofrecer los siguientes recursos: Las organizaciones sin fines de lucro sí pueden cabildear: Cómo medir sus límites de cabildeo Esta hoja informativa explica como las… Read More

Federal Lobbying Disclosure Act Registration Threshold Increased

Tim Mooney | April 16, 2021
Effective on January 1, 2021, the registration threshold for lobbying under the federal Lobbying Disclosure Act (FLDA) increased from $13,000 to $14,000, reflecting changes in the Consumer Price Index. The registration threshold updates every four years, with the next update coming January 1, 2025. The FLDA requires individuals and organizations… Read More