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Election Series Part 2: Election Days Advocacy

Leslie BarnesTim MooneyQuyen Tu | October 21, 2020 We look at how nonprofits can continue to advocate for a fair and safe election during election days. We… Read More

10 Things Your Nonprofit Can Do Now To Get Out The Vote And Engage In

Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort | October 12, 2020
Election day is just weeks away and millions are voting right now, and nonprofits across the country are doing their part to educate voters, engage with candidates, and boost civic participation. While many organizations are confidently and aggressively advocating for their issues and getting out the vote, others are more… Read More
How Can Your 501(c)(3) Organization Mobilize Voters in 2018_

Don’t take the right to vote for granted

Abby LevineQuyen Tu | October 8, 2020
Be part of history: vote in the 2020 election. Whether you vote on November 3 or by mail or in-person before then, you are exercising your right to vote. For most of us, you are exercising a hard-fought-for right to vote. In case you need a reminder of why we… Read More

Responding During Election Season and Debates: What To Do When The Ca

Jen Powis | September 29, 2020
Public charities can always educate the public — including candidates and elected officials — about their mission, the problem the nonprofit hopes to solve, and policy or budgeting items related to those two. But sometimes, during debates or otherwise throughout election campaigns, candidates get the facts wrong or, worse, don’t… Read More

Some Do’s and Don’ts for c3s Weighing in on the Supreme Court Vacancy

Ronnie Pawelko | September 23, 2020
Weighing in on Supreme Court Nominees 501(c)(3) public charities are legally allowed to influence the Senate confirmation of a Supreme Court justice. The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has recognized that influencing the confirmation of federal judges is exactly like influencing any other legislative vote through lobbying. “Because the Senate’s action… Read More