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Seize the Initiative

| April 30, 2020
This guide offers clear and concise information on the range of legal questions that could arise when nonprofits conside...

California Campaign Finance and Ballot Measure Guide

| January 8, 2020
Guide on California campaign finance and ballot measure law, including contributions, expenditures, registering/reporting as a political committee. This guide includes: Overview Key Concepts Activities Your Organization Can Engage in That Won’t Trigger Disclosure Contribution Limits and Source Restrictions Registration and Reporting Requirements Reminders About IRS Rules Registration Thresholds Types of… Read More

A Victory for Nonprofit Volunteers

Abby Levine | November 26, 2019
On November 1, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in Calzone v. Summers, striking down a Missouri Ethic...

A Roadmap for Success

Abby Levine | April 8, 2019
We are excited to release our latest comprehensive guide for nonprofits, Foundation Advocacy Grants: What Grantees Need ...

Georgia Lobbying Disclosure

| March 20, 2019
Guide on Georgia lobbying law, including registration and reporting requirements, and lobbying restrictions....

Georgia Voter Registration

| March 20, 2019
Guide on Georgia voter registration law, including deadlines, photo ID requirements, and voter registration drives...