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Training and Events

ldinapoli | February 8, 2018
  Public Webinar: Evaluation and Strengthening Your Advocacy March 28, 2023 at 2 PM ET | Online | $60 Figuring out how to evaluate your advocacy doesn’t have to be hard! This workshop is designed to help nonprofits and foundations get started… Read More
8 Tips for Nonprofits with Employees Running for Public Office

Responding to the 2020 Debates

Ronnie Pawelko | June 26, 2019
During the debates, it is likely that candidates will discuss issues of interest to 501(c)(3)s. How can organizations re...

Election Days Advocacy

Ryann Alonso | October 19, 2020
Voting is not just happening on November 3, 2020; in many states, it is happening right now as you are reading this. Non...

2022 Resolutions for Nonprofit Advocates

Jasmine Newman | December 29, 2021   On this episode, we begin looking forward to 2022 and what is sure to be an exciting year to come. Whether your nonprofit is gearing up for midterm elections, legislative advocacy, or… Read More