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A Roadmap for Success

Heather Burke | April 8, 2019
We are excited to release our latest comprehensive guide for nonprofits, Foundation Advocacy Grants: What Grantees Need ...

Transition Advocacy: Is it Lobbying?

Jasmine Newman | December 17, 2020
Nonprofits that want to get a jump on building relationships and communicating their point of view on policies that bene...


Heather Burke | July 23, 2018
Terminología 501(c)(3): A section of the Internal Revenue Code that provides exemption from federal income tax to organizations that devote their resources to educational, religious, scientific, or other charitable activities.  Contributions to a 501(c)(3) may be deductible from a donor’s federal income tax.  A 501(c)(3) organization… Read More

Parks v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

Natalie Ossenfort | December 15, 2015
In a long-awaited decision in the case of Parks v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, the United States Tax Court recentl...