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Nonprofit Advocacy and COVID-19

Heather Burke | March 12, 2020
As the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus (referred to colloquially as the “coronavirus”) increases throu...

Taking a Stance on the Filibuster: Probably Lobbying for 501(c)(3)s

Jasmine Newman | February 4, 2021
As the sun rises on a new administration, it’s easy to forget that despite the change in leadership in the White House and the US Senate, that passing legislation is still a tremendous challenge. While Schoolhouse Rock taught young Gen-Xers how a bill becomes a law, it left out a… Read More

Foundations and Ballot Measures

Heather Burke | July 28, 2018
Organizations that work on—or are considering working on—ballot measures need funding to support that work.  Whether they seek funds specifically for ballot measure activities or to fund their overall mission, organizations often turn to foundations.  Foundations that care about policy issues should pay attention to ballot measures, as ballot measures… Read More

Lobbying Series Part 3 – Grassroots Lobbying 

Jasmine Newman | February 10, 2021   Our attorneys for this episode: Jen Powis Quyen Tu Natalie Ossenfort Shownotes In this episode, our third in our on-going lobbying series, we’ll focus… Read More

In Defense of Lobbying

Ryann Alonso | December 30, 2020 Our attorneys for this episode: Jen Powis Tim Mooney Ronnie Pawelko Shownotes Bolder Advocacy: lobbying advocates Why it’s important to lobby Why has lobbying become a dirty word in some circles? What role will lobbying play in 2021? Coming in… Read More

Justice Kennedy is retiring, now what?

Heather Burke | June 28, 2018
Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced that he will retire from the Supreme Court effective July 31, 2018. This will prov...

Can 501(c)(3)s call for oversight hearings?

Heather Burke | March 6, 2019
On March 4, 2019, Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives announced a broad investigation into President Trump’s campaign, businesses, and transition team. This follows a trend in recent years in which many different types of organizations have demanded that Congress hold oversight hearings, probes, and investigations into a broad… Read More