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Mission Possible: Evaluating Advocacy Grants

ldinapoli | October 15, 2012
This article by AFJ’s Sue Hoechstetter and the George Gund Foundation’s Marcia Egbert describes the conceptual framework for evaluating advocacy grants. In addition to a case study, it includes tips to evaluate grantees’ work that are consistent with the nature of advocacy. Read More

501(h) Lobbying Limit Calculator

ldinapoli | September 13, 2012
Ever wonder how much direct and grassroots lobbying your organization can do under Section 501(h)? Our friends at Harmon, Curran, Spielberg + Eisenberg LLP developed this Excel spreadsheet that helps you calculate your lobbying limit.  Simply plug in your organization’s annual expenditures to the first column, and this spreadsheet will… Read More

Lobbying Disclosure Act Thresholds

ldinapoli | September 9, 2012
At the federal level, the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) imposes registration and reporting obligations on individuals an...

Tips for Funders: Preparing for the Possibility of a Politically Motiv

ldinapoli | July 23, 2012
Alliance for Justice developed this fact sheet to help funders prepare for a politically motivated attack. Because attacks are likely to be motivated by the work and organizations a funder supports, the fact sheet includes a checklist of some potential areas of vulnerability for grantees. Read More

What Is Going on with the NRA?

Ronnie Pawelko | May 16, 2019
The NRA has been the focus of a great deal of media coverage lately—including a May 15 front-page article in The New Y...

501c4 Nonprofits’ Image Problem Is a Problem for All of Us

Nikhil Pillai | May 15, 2019
In recent months, a narrative has taken hold that is compounding a reputational problem for an entire class of nonprofit...

Fighting the Good Fight in Texas

Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort | April 8, 2019
It’s April of 2019, and the Texas Legislature is in full swing. Nonprofits across the state are rallying at the Capito...
Road Map

A Roadmap for Success

Abby Levine |
We are excited to release our latest comprehensive guide for nonprofits, Foundation Advocacy Grants: What Grantees Need...

Ethics & Elections Legislation: Bills to Watch at the Texas Legislature

Bolder Advocacy | March 27, 2019
Texas’s 86th Legislative Session is in full swing in Austin, and now that the bill filing deadline has passed we can t...