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8 Tips for Nonprofits with Employees Running for Public Office

8 Tips for Nonprofits with Employees Running for Public Office

Heather Burke | September 28, 2018
More and more, Bolder Advocacy is responding to questions from 501(c)(3) public charities that have employees running for office. Knowing that 501(c)(3)s cannot support or oppose any candidates for public office (even nonpartisan races like school board), organizations are looking for guidelines on how to stay compliant when an employee… Read More
election days advocacy

Election Days Advocacy 

Nadia Watson | October 19, 2022
On this episode, we tackle election days advocacy. We intentionally say “days” since many states offer vote by mail or e...
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Post Roe Advocacy

Nadia Watson | June 27, 2022
Our team at AFJ Our team at AFJ is devastated but determined following the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v Wade...

Raising the Minimum Wage in SeaTac

Heather Burke | November 6, 2019
A 2013 ballot measure campaign to raise the minimum wage in SeaTac, Washington, illustrates how 501(c)(3) public chariti...

Our Stories: Health for All Fresnans

Abby Levine | July 16, 2016
The Health for All Fresnans campaign is a welcome reminder of the impact that nonprofits can have when they organize and...
Ex-Felons Voting Rights Restored in Florida

Redistricting in Ohio

Heather Burke | November 6, 2019
In May 2018, Ohio voters approved a constitutional amendment to change the way congressional districts are drawn in the ...