Californians for Justice


This resource consists of planning and reflection tools for the development of community organizing campaigns.

Detailed Description:

Californians for Justice (CFJ) offer a series of 7 worksheets designed to help in the strategic planning of organizing campaigns, as well as in reflecting on and evaluating the campaign’s effectiveness.

Planning is an important part of the evaluation process.  Proactively thinking about key elements of community organizing allows one to have a clearer sense of what to evaluate and reflect on when the organizing effort is over.  CFJ’s campaign planning tools focus potential evaluators on what to look for when engaging in base building, research, ally development, and other key areas of campaign organizing.  In addition, these planning tools remind organizers (and evaluators) to develop clear links between demands, messaging, and the selection of targets, as well as between organizing strategy and the selection of tactics.

CFJ’s Campaign Analysis Worksheet and Action Evaluation resources deal more explicitly with the evaluation of a campaign.  The evaluation questions are designed for organizers to identify impact and to improve their next organizing effort. The worksheets call attention to process-oriented evaluation of things like turnout and logistics, as well as looking at impact-oriented evaluation of things like influence over decision-makers and achievement of campaign goals.



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