Mary Ohmer and Karen DeMasi

Publication Information:

Sage Publications, 2009.

Pages Referenced:             

pp. 317-382


This resource focuses on consensus organizing.  It includes two chapters that focus exclusively on helping readers design evaluations of consensus organizing as a community-led intervention.

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Detailed Description:

The authors begin with a theoretical background arguing for the importance of evidence-based evaluation of consensus organizing.  They then provide specific tools and methodologies to help consensus organizers develop an evaluation plan.  Included in these tools is a review of approaches to evaluation and research from other fields that are compatible with evaluation of a consensus organizing process.

The authors break down the basic elements of a program evaluation process and relate each element to consensus organizing.  They also provide discussion questions, resources and “field exercises” to help consensus organizers develop an evaluation process.

In addition to these recommendations and guidelines for implementing an evaluation process, the authors also include several case studies that demonstrate the application of evaluation to consensus organizing initiatives.




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