Publication Information:

This resource provides an overview of a tool designed to integrate social justice and movement building values into assessments of organizational effectiveness and capacity.

Detailed Description:
The assessment guide begins with some tips on how and when to do an organizational assessment. The authors provide some context for the different stages of an organization’s development and when is the “right” time to do an organizational assessment. The authors also provide background on the evaluation process itself: who should be involved, how information might be used, etc.

The guide also recognizes several key capacity areas for organizations that support movement for social change and notes that these areas are often overlooked in organizational assessments. The authors stress the importance of including these capacities when assessing social justice organizations. These nine capacity areas are:

  • Vision;
  • Principles;
  • Learning and Reflecting;
  • Issues of Race and Power;
  • Working Across Boundaries;
  • Working Across Generations;
  • Constituent Involvement;
  • Structure; and
  • Funding.

The guide provides an overview of the assessment tool. The full resource, including the actual evaluative questions, scoring guides, etc. requires a subscription fee.

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