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pp. 5-36

This resource lays out key elements of campaign development and provides case studies identifying how these elements help to create successful campaigns that result in concrete change.

Detailed Description:

This resource lays out 8 key elements of successful campaigns and illustrates them through three case studies.  While the resource is not written explicitly as a guide for evaluation, the 8 key elements can be utilized as a framework for evaluating campaigns.  By articulating a “best practices” model for campaign development, the authors are implicitly outlining a checklist for examining a campaign’s strength and effectiveness.

According to the authors, the 8 elements of a successful campaign are:

  • Vision
  • Research
  • Policy Development
  • Fundraising
  • Community and Worker Organizing
  • Coalition Building
  • Powerful Advocacy
  • Communications

Each of these elements is explained in detail and users are offered advice on how to begin to develop each element of a campaign.

The 8 key elements are introduced through a graphic novel depiction of a campaign addressing environment and job concerns.  This case study illustrates how the initial efforts of the campaign were defeated, but as the organizing group identified and followed the 8 key elements, they were able to eventually win their demands.  This graphic novel is followed by two shorter “text only” case studies describing a Wal-mart and hotel campaign respectively.


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