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What Funders and Grantees Need to Know

Can Private Foundations Support Projects that Include Lobbying?

YES! While general operating support grants are oftentimes the simplest way for private foundations to support grantees that lobby, they are not always an option (i.e. when funding a fiscally sponsored project or program within a larger nonprofit). Luckily, private foundations have an alternative: a secret weapon called the Project Grant Rule (PGR) that allows them to safely fund a public charity’s project, including lobbying!

Bolder Advocacy’s Project Grant Rule resource hub is designed to help private foundations and their grantees understand the legal requirements to take advantage of the Project Grant Rule through explainer videos, factsheets, and budget templates.

Who Are these Videos For?

  • 501(c)(3) Public Charities: Leaders and staff of nonprofit organizations that work on advocacy initiatives and are prospective grantees seeking funding from a Private Foundation for a project that includes lobbying
  • Private Foundations: Funding organizations looking for ways to support their grantees’ advocacy projects

So How Do We Actually Use the PGR?

We thought you might ask that. We’ve prepared two factsheets that 1) answer a few frequently asked questions and 2) provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the budget templates from both the foundation and grantee’s perspectives. Click below to learn more:

The PGR Explained

PGR Budget Template Instructions

Budget Templates

Bolder Advocacy is proud to introduce budget templates to help your organization fund advocacy using the Project Grant Rule. Private Foundations can use these budget templates to provide simple guidelines for prospective grantees that are 501(c)(3) public charities seeking funding for project proposals that include lobbying expenses. These templates can be used ‘as is’ and are designed to request all the legally required information to take advantage of the Project Grant Rule. However, your Foundation may customize the templates by selecting from any of the “Optional Add-Ons” if you would like to seek additional information from prospective grantees.

Download the Budget Templates Here

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