Assess Your Advocacy Capacity

ACT and ACT! Quick are organizational capacity assessment tools that can be used by nonprofits, coalitions, and groups to take stock of your current advocacy capacity: the skills, resources, knowledge, and practices that you have in place that make advocacy possible.

By using these tools, you can document your assets, locate gaps that may exist, and prioritize areas where you want to strengthen your efforts, so that you can sustain your advocacy efforts over the long haul.


Advocacy Capacity Tool (ACT!)

For nonprofits, coalitions, and groups engaged in advocacy, having a strong understanding of your advocacy capacity is crucial to being ready to take action when opportunities arise. The ACT tool is designed to help you become a more effective advocacy organization by helping you benchmark your skills, identify gaps and opportunities in your strategies, and determine where you need to build capacity to achieve your goals. This tool can also be incorporated into advocacy evaluation planning.

ACT en español está disponible aquí.


Want to assess your advocacy capacity, but you’re short on time? The ACT! Quick tool can help. Designed to be completed in under 15 minutes, this shortened version of the ACT tool offers organizations and coalitions an easy way to assess capacity when decisions must be made swiftly.

ACT! Quick en español está disponible aquí.

Need help or want more information on advocacy capacity?

Alliance for Justice provides trainings and technical assistance on advocacy capacity and the capacity assessment tools. These tools can be personalized for your organization or coalition.
For more information, contact us on our technical assistance hotline by emailing us at, or calling 866-675-6229 during standard business hours.