Evaluating Advocacy &
Assessing Organizational Capacity

Advocacy is challenging to evaluate and measure. Evaluation plays a critical role in the assessment of progress and determining if and when your organization is meeting your advocacy goals. It also helps to develop realistic long-term and incremental measures of advocacy success and progress, allowing you to identify and apply lessons learned. AFJ developed the free, online Advocacy Capacity Tool (ACT!), ACT!Quick, and International Advocacy Capacity Tool (IACT) to address some of the challenges involved in evaluating advocacy.


Advocacy Capacity Tool (ACT!)

The most effective advocacy work happens when groups and coalitions know where they stand and can leverage their organizational strengths to work for social change. With the free Advocacy Capacity Tool (ACT!), nonprofits (individual organizations or coalitions) can benchmark their advocacy skills, identify specific gaps and opportunities in their advocacy strategies, determine how they want to strengthen their advocacy, and efficiently focus resources to get the best results. The tool can also be used in evaluations.

ACT! just got better! Read more about the 2018 improvements to the tool.

Herramienta de la Capacidad de Abogacía (ACT!)

El trabajo más eficaz de abogacía se resulta cuando los grupos y coaliciones entienden su posición actual y como pueden aprovechar de sus fortalezas organizativas para impulsar el cambio social. Con la Herramienta de la Capacidad de Abogacía (ACT!) gratis, las organizaciones sin fines de lucro pueden comparar sus habilidades de la promoción y defensa de causas, identificar dificultades y oportunidades específicas en sus estrategias de abogar y enfocar eficientemente sus recursos para lograr los mejores resultados. Esta herramienta también se puede utilizar para hacer evaluaciones.


To be introduced to advocacy capacity assessment in less than 15 minutes, groups can use this abbreviated version of ACT! at board meetings, conferences, or any time.  Then they are ready to use the full version for a more comprehensive assessment. (The Spanish version of ACT!Quick is also available on this page.)

International Advocacy Capacity Tool (IACT)

The International Advocacy Capacity Tool (IACT) helps groups around the world measure their readiness to engage in advocacy. Groups answer questions about their organization’s skills, knowledge, practices and resources for running issue campaigns, influencing legislation, or other forms of advocacy. The tool then immediately generates results.