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Diagrama de Comunicación de Cabildeo​

Heather Burke | August 17, 2018
Esta gráfica le ayudará a determinar si una comunicación puede ser considerada cabildeo según las leyes tributarias fede...

Lobbying Series Part 3 – Grassroots Lobbying 

Jasmine Newman | February 10, 2021   Our attorneys for this episode: Jen Powis Quyen Tu Natalie Ossenfort Shownotes In this episode, our third in our on-going lobbying series, we’ll focus… Read More

Lobbying Series Part 2 – Direct Lobbying 

Ryann Alonso | January 27, 2021   Our attorneys for this episode: Jen Powis Shyaam Subramanian Leslie Barnes Shownotes In this episode, our second in our on-going intro to lobbying series, we’ll focus on direct lobbying for public charities that have… Read More

Election Series Part 1: Pre-Election Advocacy 

Ryann Alonso | October 15, 2020   On this episode, we discuss the unprecedented election–year challenges we face and the ways all nonprofits can help ensure a safe election. As trusted messengers, nonprofits can explain voting options and deadlines; encourage absentee voting … Read More