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Private Foundations and Social Media

ldinapoli | June 13, 2018
Social media presents great advocacy opportunities for private foundations. This fact sheet offers tips on how private f...

Opportunities for Nonpartisan Digital Advocacy in an Election Year

Jasmine Newman | July 29, 2020
In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and a movement for Black lives, nonprofits and their community partners continue to look for ways to stand up and speak out about racial, social, and economic inequities. Social distancing guidelines and shelter-in-place orders mean that social media and other digital channels are… Read More

Making H.R. 1 Real

Jasmine Newman | March 22, 2021
The following describes two fictional 501(c)(4) advocacy organizations and the compliance implications of H.R. 1. Neither of these are real organizations, and all situations, while hypothetical, represent the types of advocacy campaigns that 501(c)(4)s engage in to support the needs of their communities and constituencies. These scenarios would also apply… Read More

Social Media Plan for Public Charities

Abby Levine | September 30, 2020
501(c)(3)s can encourage voters to stay engaged and up-to-date on their registration. This guide helps public charities ...

Bolder Advocacy Workshops
For Nonprofits and Foundations

Heather Burke | April 18, 2019
Bolder Advocacy has provided trainings to thousands of nonprofit organizations.  We work with nonprofit boards, staff, and volunteers to improve their understanding of the legal issues involved in influencing public policy advocacy so they can maximize their advocacy and election-related activities, learn what it takes to engage in effective advocacy,… Read More