Nona Randois

States and Cities Take the Lead on Aid for Immigrants

President Obama announced recently that he would not take any executive action on deportation relief for undocumented immigrants until after the midterm elections. As with many other issues where the federal government has failed to act, states and cities are taking the lead in providing relief for immigrant families and helping secure their civil rights.

Bolder Advocacy

California Policy Update for Nonprofit Advocates

The Alliance for Justice West Coast office has been monitoring, and in some cases weighing in on, a number of state and local legislative and regulatory matters that affect nonprofit advocacy across California. Probably most significant was the passage of SB 27, which defines when a nonprofit spending money to influence California elections must register as a political committee, and the current development of the implementing regulations.

Guest Blogger

Update: SF Lobbying Ordinance Passes 11-0

AFJ has been closely following a San Francisco lobbying ordinance that was first proposed about a year ago. The latest version of the ordinance has been unanimously approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and awaits the signature of Mayor Ed Lee.

Guest Blogger

New Law Targeting “Dark Money” in California Elections Contains Benefits for Small Nonprofit Organizations Too

Last week Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 27, which changes the reporting rules for nonprofit organizations that spend money to influence candidate and ballot measure elections in California. The bill contained an urgency clause making it effective July 1, 2014; however, it limits disclosure of donor information for some donations received before July 1.