Our toolkits are a collection of resources –from Alliance for Justice and other organizations – organized in a way to help you better understand an issue, process, or topic. We will continue to update our toolkits and create new ones as issues arise and topics take root in the national conversation. Currently, we offer toolkits for:

  • LGBTQ Advocacy Toolkit – new! Nonprofits have a large role to play in advancing equality for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. Examples of advocacy abound, from raising awareness and speaking out on unqualified, anti-LGBTQ judicial nominees, recognizing inclusive employers, lobbying for the elimination of conversion therapy, challenging the President’s ban on transgender members in the military, and working to defeat discriminatory ballot measures.
  • Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice Resource Guide – updated for 2018!  Alliance for Justice works closely with advocates and organizations focused on ensuring reproductive autonomy for all people. In this resource guide, we have collected advocacy success stories from reproductive rights, health, and justice organizations and paired them with resources to support advocacy groups working on policy goals ranging from federal legislation to ballot measures to voter mobilization.
  • Coalition Checklist – new for 2018! A resource that will guide organizations through the process of forming and working in coalition with easy-to-understand explanations of the most common forms of coalitions, how to fund them, how to work on the most common types of joint activities, and how partners can share resources.
  • Establishing Your OrganizationIncludes all of the basic forms and templates you need to get your nonprofit off the ground.
  • Source Materials – An in depth collection of the laws and statutes that dictate the advocacy rules nonprofits and foundations must adhere to.
  • Immigration AdvocacyA collection of resources for organizations working to advance immigration reform at the local, state, or national level, including tips on planning and assessing your campaign, legislative and electoral laws and strategies, and communication and evaluation tools. This toolkit also includes Spanish-language resources.
  • California Advocacy Resources  Resources for nonprofit organizations that engage in public policy advocacy in California including information on California Political Reform Act and its implementing regulations.
  • Ballot Measure Toolkit Provides an overview of how tax-exempt organizations can support or oppose ballot measures.
  • Stand For Your Mission Guides on how to begin a conversation about advocacy with your board members and trustees and why groups should get involved.